Broadcast and content FAQs

Broadcast and content FAQs

Union World Conference sessions will be broadcast from 20-24 October.
All sessions will be accessible on-demand for registered delegates after they have been presented, except for the Meet the expert sessions. This means that there will be no session conflict issues this year.

Sessions will be available on demand approximately one hour after they are broadcast (i.e. if a symposium takes place from 9 am to 10.20 am, it will be available on demand around 11.20 am) in the Programme section of the conference platform:

The content will be available on demand for delegates until 30 November, except for the Meet the expert sessions

From then on it will be only available for Union members. Join The Union today.

Note: all listed session times in the programme are primarily in Central European Standard Time (Spanish/French time). The time zone is set according to the time zone of your computer and would be applied for the entire programme. If you are looking at the entire calendar you should be able to see all the sessions with the scheduled time and your local time.

Delegates cannot share any content from the Union World Conference. The Union will not be liable if any content is replicated and/or distributed/shared.