Type of sessions

Type of sessions

In the programme, you can browse by type of sessions:

There are 9 types of sessions, apart from the Opening Ceremony and the Closing Session):
  1. Community Connect 
  2. E-poster (EP)
  3. Meet the expert (MTE)
  4. Oral Abstract (OA)
  5. Plenary (P)
  6. Satellite Session (SS)
  7. Special session (SS)
  8. Symposium (SP)
  9. TBScience
    1. Sessions (TBS)
    2. E-Posters (EPTBS)
You can identify the type of session in the programme by the code:

You can watch most of them on demand.

The 51 Union World Conference also offers a range of Workshops and Post-graduate courses.
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